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Truth Circles

What is a Truth Circle?

A Truth Circle is a facilitated discussion model which allows all participants to speak their truth without censorship or judgment. This is not a group-counseling session. They provide a non-judgmental space for participants to express themselves and to open their minds to the valuable thoughts and points of view of others. Topics are preselected by the facilitator or the group itself.

Truth Circles are designed to expand:

  • truth through conversation
  • self-discovery through introspection
  • community through sharing

What are the benefits of participating in Truth Circles?

  • Find new boldness and confidence in their ideas
  • Productively interact with others at a whole new level
  • Experience the rare opportunity to feel the validation we all seek
  • Walk away from each Truth Circle with vast, stimulating food for thought

These conversations are practice for the real world of work, home and social interactions. Your participants are learning to speak deeper, more passionately, and more openly, as they open their minds to new ways of thinking and offer far more richness in their conversations.

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