I am writing this letter on behalf of Keith Senzer of Power Shift Coaching.
Keith has helped me in both my professional and personal lives. Keith helped me through a tough decision process that had to be made concerning my 10 year old daughter. As a result of our conversations Keith pointed us in the right direction and helped us to find the right people to give our daughter the proper support she needed. She has become a better and less frustrated student. Keith having gone through similar issues was able to speak from the heart. I have worked with Keith for the past 10 years and I find him to be trustworthy, knowledgeable and above all honest.

As for my professional life, Keith also helped me decide on a few changes that I needed to make. As a result of our talks I feel like I have made necessary changes to improve my current work an overall financial success.
I would recommend Keith Senzer to anyone or group that is looking to be motivated in a positive way.

Stephen Kiely
“One concept that has really stuck with me is being more open to change. I want to say yes as much as I can and not pretend to be more open-minded, but to actually embrace change.”
Lor, 17

Oh Shift! is a fun way to interact with others who may need a shift in their thinking in order to achieve the life of our dreams. The shifting process that I learned enabled me to get out of my victim mentality and take control of things I thought I had not control over. Being a shifthead is a life altering experience.

Cheryl Johnson, Performance Solution Specialist

The profound and positive impact of this workshop on my life was a perfect example of what can happen when willingness, readiness and the right opportunity come together.

Virginia Cutchin, Director, Transition Success Consulting

Oh, shift! for Teens has taught me to pay attention to my actions and thoughts more. It was really helpful when I was asked to turn bad situations that are bringing me down into positive situations. I’m trying to create a more positive outlook on life.

Garrett, 16

Since our Oh, shift! class, I’ve been more aware of the choices I made or that I am making. I’ve also been thinking more positively instead of negatively and turning bad situation to better ones.

Mira, 15

Oh Shift! allowed me to engage with like-minded people on a journey of transformation. Going through this program, I have become aware of a variety of eye-opening feelings and emotions stemming from events that have taken place in my life. Until now, I have never questioned how things are I’ve just been content to believe they just are. But Jennifer Powers has created a program that enabled me to easily ask why things are, and get excited about the answer. Take the journey to become a shift-head you’ll be glad you did!

Mary Beth Stolte, Certified Professional Life Coach

The Oh, Shift! workshops are great for anybody who is interested in improving their life through the power of self-awareness. No matter if you are new to real introspection or pretty comfortable with it – these workshops will give you important things to look at, think about, and reflect upon, along with great tools and support to truly make a shift that will change your life for the better!

Debi Wilson, Life Coach, Empowering You

I was recently promoted to the training manager for my company. As a new manager I struggled with how to manage an employee who abused her work schedule. The employee needed to arrive to work by 9am. Last summer the employee arrived to work anywhere between 9:30am to 10am. Keith listened to my issues and helped me develop a plan of action to correct the employee’s behavior. Keith continues to provide me with the resources and skills I need to manage effectively. Thanks for all your help and support.

Allison Katz

I more strongly believe that I have control of my life and no one else can take away that right. I learned about the consequences that come as a result of shifting.

Tram, 16

I’ve been wanting to make some changes in myself to become happier and kinder, but have felt super-busy and unsure about the how to. This curriculum has given me the opportunity I was searching for. I especially like thinking about changing my reactions to the simple, everyday things. Just changing your reactions leads to all the other changes, it doesn’t have to be an overhaul but something workable, something approachable.

Claire, 15

“It was a great workshop. Keith teaches you how to change. I learned that change is not easy, everyone has problems, no one is perfect, but change is possible, and he shows you how. I already started using one of his tools.”

Avery Greenberg, 17