During adolescence, teenagers require a special communication with their parents very badly. But at the same time they demand more space and independence. So you can get quite bewildered by their actions and cannot understand what they want from you. Here is a piece of advice for those confused parents out there,

Be present

You must always be available for your kids. Not just physically, but in a mindful way. You can carry out your daily activities simultaneously but avoid using your phone or other electronic gadgets around them. It makes you appear occupied and not within easy reach.

Listen to them

If you want to get your kids to talk, you must avoid freaking out or interrupt them in between before they finish what they have got to say. Try to connect with them first rather correcting their mistakes right away. Letting them know that you can handle a conversation like an adult. It would improve the confidence of your children, especially in you.

Offer guidance

Most parents offer suggestions and advice to their kids whenever they face any problem. It is a bad practice. Instead, you have to let them weigh their own situation and come up with possible solutions. This would help them develop problem-solving skills and promote personal growth. In a nutshell, you must act as a sounding board unless they straightforwardly ask for suggestions from your side.

If they believe you “get them”, they will reach out more to you.