By developing positive growth in children, you could help them reach their full potential. When their strengths are oriented in the right direction by means of cutting-edge approaches, they evolve into a better person. Researches indicate that the more a child is exposed to positive measures and situations, the more developed he/she becomes.

The two major important factors that play a key role in positive youth development are,

  • Family assets that include the household income, availability of parents and group activities amidst the family members. For example, having a family dinner together offers a lot in developing a teen’s character. It can also reduce the risk of depression and other related behaviors.
  • Out-of-school activities like watching TV, performing arts, crafts, sports, attending character development workshops Participating in out-of-school ventures would provide them more opportunities to develop positive relationships with a range of adults and peers. A child who is involved in more than one activity can easily mitigate the negative experiences he/she might have in the other settings of life. It has been found that an average fifth grader participates in at least two and a half out-of-school activities in a year. Children who are exposed more to such kind of activities score more on the scale of positive youth development and they contribute well to their community.

Help your children to have a positive character development by providing the right guidance and lots of encouragement. They would automatically develop characteristics that would later make them prosperous in their lives.