Adolescents might seek independence but they need their parents now more than ever. You have to be patient, caring and accountable to get your children make a smooth transition into the adulthood. But firstly you shouldn’t accept the widely held ideas about the teenagers as a fact. Here are the common misunderstandings that you need to be aware of,

“Teen years” is a period of immaturity and one needs to just grow up

On contrary, this is the most important time of a person’s life. You need to take steps to promote personal growth in your children so that they establish the core traits that would help them lead great lives. This is why experts suggest character development workshops for teenagers.

Adolescents do not listen to the adults

At this stage they naturally push away from their parents and form closers bonds with their friends. But they are still dependent on you and can benefit a lot from your guidance.

They are so different from us

No, they are not. In fact, you can learn many vital lessons from your own experiences as a teenager and use that knowledge to form a strong bonding with your kid.

Parents need to solve issues for their teenage kids

Rather than trying to fix all their problems, listen to what they have to say and help them navigate through those conflicts.

Teenagers don’t care about their lives

In truth, they yearn to make a mark and alter this world. And by aligning them in the proper direction, you can make them ready to take their place in history.

On the whole, be there to offer your support when your kids go through this major phase.