All Names Have Been Omitted to Maintain Anonymity 

As a boss, one should ask themselves if they are simply a boss, or if they are a leader too.  As the employee, one should ask themselves if they are just working for a paycheck or if they are committed to their job. Working individuals in society tend to think their ways of operating are the right and best ways to operate, regardless of if they are bosses or employees. As a boss, one must ask themselves if they are leading or simply bossing employees around, and as an employee, one must ask themselves if they are working to earn a paycheck or because they are dedicated to their job. Individuals must question the standard they hold themselves to, the standard they hold their company to, and as a boss, the standard employees are held too. However, one thing bosses must be aware of is that all employees have something in common. Regardless of what type of work they do or what field they work in, employees want to feel valued for the work they do. 

I have managed hundreds of employees throughout my previous careers and, believe me, some employees only care about their paychecks at the end of the week, and they are only committed to their own self-interest rather than the greater interest of their place of employment. Guess what?  That is ok. As long as employees show up on time and complete their job, nobody has a right to judge them. Such employees may not rise to higher levels because they don’t show the passion or deep commitment to their job. However, those employees still deserve to be respected and feel valued. Sometimes employees are happy with where they are and they’re not looking to be promoted. On another hand, employees’ actions may be a result of personal reasons that are unbeknownst to their employers and co-workers. Thus, we cannot judge employees, so long as they do their job appropriately.   

Many times, business owners and/or managers see employees who are paycheck motivated as cogs in the wheel, and in turn, they don’t value these employees or recognize they benefits they bring to their employer or place of employment. Paycheck motived employees may not be enthusiastic, but they show up on time and get the job done. They bring consistency to the table, and consistency is necessary for success.

While there are paycheck motivated employees, there are also employees willing to go above and beyond. These employees might come in early, leave late, and always be up for the challenge and willing to do whatever it takes to move their place of employment forward.  These types of employees need to feel respected and valued as well.

Finally, some employees fall somewhere in between the paycheck employee and the above-and-beyond employee. These employees need the paycheck but also value what they do and where they work.

Business owners, managers, and bosses might have varying opinions about the three types of employees and how they contribute to their place of work.  However, as earlier stated, there is one common theme among all types of employees; they all want to feel valued.

Next week I will breakdown how each type of employee benefits from being valued and led by a good leader and boss. Have a great week, no matter what type of employee you are!