The Dancing Man – A Lesson in Leadership

As parents, it is so important to teach our kids to be leaders and not followers. There are many reasons why we believe this. The biggest one being, we want them to think for themselves. Another is we don’t want them to be swayed by others to do things that they know is not in [...]

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WHAT I LEARNED FROM THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Growing up in the 80’s the David Letterman Top Ten List was one of the funniest skits on television.  Letterman would come up with the top ten things about the most ridiculous subjects.  For my Wife’s 40th Birthday I did a top ten list of all the Reasons [...]

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From The Mind of the Unhappy Employee – Part 2

As I discussed last week, there are three types of employees: the paycheck motivated employee, and work-enthusiastic employee, and the employee that falls somewhere in the middle. In this article, I will be discussing the pros and cons that come with each type of employee. THE PAYCHECK MOTIVATED EMPLOYEE This employee has one reason for [...]

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From the Mind of the Unhappy Employee

  All Names Have Been Omitted to Maintain Anonymity  As a boss, one should ask themselves if they are simply a boss, or if they are a leader too.  As the employee, one should ask themselves if they are just working for a paycheck or if they are committed to their job. Working individuals in [...]

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Popular misconceptions about teenagers

Adolescents might seek independence but they need their parents now more than ever. You have to be patient, caring and accountable to get your children make a smooth transition into the adulthood. But firstly you should not accept the widely held ideas about teenagers as fact. Here are the common misunderstandings that you need to [...]

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